Tobbe is a stylish home- and electricity app. Right now with support for Tibber and more services coming in the future. Built for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch & MacOS (Catalyst).

Today Tobbe is built for the Swedish market, but will soon also support the UK as well as Dutch market.

Available on the Apple AppStore

The Tobbe App

Tobbe is originally designed to be a dashboard for a wall-mounted iPad, to quickly show home information to everybody passing the device. However, it has quickly grown to much more than that, with features such as these:

Dark & Light mode

Tobbes UI is adapted for both dark- and light mode, bringing you the best of both worlds.

Widgets support

Add widgets to your device's home screen with information from different services Tobbe supports.

Multi device

One app, multiple devices. Tobbe will work on your iPhone, iPad, Watch and MacOS (Catalyst).

App Features

Tobbe's features are currently focused around Tibber's functionality, however (many) more will folow in the future to come. These are some of Tobbe's features:

Privacy first!

The data Tobbe fetches from the embedded services stays inside the app. On top of there, whatever you do in the app is your business... there is no tracking implemented in order track your behavior. No spying here!

Apple Watch

Supports Apple Watch, given you the ability to quickly checkout todays electiricty prices.


Select which information you want to show where.

Live data

Shows and updates the live data your home reports to Tibber. (Requires Watty or Pulse connected to Tibber).

Widget support

iOS Widgets give you even more, with widgets for todays electicity prices as well as the current electricity price.

Fully native

Tobbe is fully native developed, using Swift and SwiftUI utilising Apple's latest technologies.

Not convinced yet?

Here are some screenshots of Tobbe which might change your mind